Sunday, March 06, 2005

Kimya Dawson

I love Kimya Dawson. I know, in a technical sense, she has almost no talent. She's a simple songwriter and a terrible singer. But she's charming. And she's honest. She doesn't try to be too deep or too serious, but she achieves a level of seriousness even through silliness. She taps something with her amateurish little songs that often escapes even the best artists. Perhaps there are hundereds of Kimyas out there, but so few of them actually get heard. Perhaps their music just doesn't seem like a "hit" to the bigger labels, but I think they're missing something crucial: Music is so much more than music. It touches us in ways we can't explain. On the surface, I wouldn't think Kimya Dawson has any song that would make it as a single, but then I come away touched in a way that few songs touch me. I think that's what a lot of people who evaluate music for its hit potential just fail to see. Another thing that's interesting is that I make a CD of the best stuff I hear each year and give it to friends. Last year (and this year), there was a Kimya Dawson song on there. I found myself apologizing for the qaulity of the song in the liner notes I wrote last year. As it turns out, that song got the most positive remarks out of 19 tracks. This year, I didn't bother apologizing, because I think other people see the same thing I do. Too bad record execs are blind though.

Check out "Heroes 2002" from Kimya's site. It makes me laugh and cry more often than not. More importantly, it reassures me.


Anonymous Chuck said...

"Music is so much more than music"

Wow... nicely written. All of the intangible qualities that make us love the songs we love. I so often find myself defending the music that touches me, but that music takes me to a certain point in my life when my outlook was clearer and kinder than it had ever been before. Every once in a while, I can reconnect with that through music.

Oh, and you can dance to the music I listen to. Man, if you put some beats to "Nobody's Hippy"... sweet!

4:05 PM  
Blogger The Management said...

It is kind of amazing how someone can be so very talented, without having much talent.

The two disks I picked up at the TMBG show are some of the most listened to "purchased" CDs I have.


4:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

FYI Bob, Your Blog is one of the best pages I've found to read on my PDA. NIce and clean code (or at least template)...

Coming to you from my back yard on my UX50, DAve

9:30 PM  
Anonymous Chuck said...

Just listened to "Heroes" on your 2004 compilation. She really does have something special happening. It's a weird combination of vulnerability and strength, confidence and meekness, simplicity and depth... It's a really good song.

3:13 PM  

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