Monday, August 27, 2007

Myspace: Covert

UK-based Covert has been making their dark post-punk since 2006. In that relatively short time they've proven that they are capable of producing moody, edgy, moving music seemingly influenced by the better bands that followed the initial punk explosion of the 70s rather than the watered-down new wave that was digested by the masses and is now seeing quite a revival. They have recently recorded their second demo, a five song EP entitled Songs for the Lost, and four of those songs are available on their MySpace page.

"Cry Answers" starts off with a fluid bass line and grating, trebley guitar and moves into big chords and almost operatic vocals. The chorus breaks into a fast, prog/metal riff bringing a solid rock sound to the song. It touches a lot of influences, but remains cohesive. They move into darker, moodier territory with "Let's Go Out," suggesting some love for Joy Division. Its quiet bass line, sparse drums and piano builds to an edginess reminiscent of Gang of Four. Still in the Gang of Four vein, "Hope" is angular and unsettling, putting it very much at odds with its title. A mellow, moody piano piece with pleading vocals, "Favourite Star (For a Lover)" has a stark nature that even the ringing guitars of the chorus can't change.

In a world where it seems that so many bands want to seem dark and moody, Covert is the real thing. Their artistic, though not yet commercial, success stems from their influences, who were bands of substance themselves rather than chart-toppers. Covert may have the same fate, but it's better to tap into the darkness of your soul than to sell it. They sing, "Gotta move in your own direction, / take control of your own skin." They seem to practice that as well.

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