Friday, October 26, 2007

Review: Chain Shot - Black September

Label: Irish Voodoo Records

Released: October 31, 2007

Chain Shot plays hardcore like they don't often make it anymore. It isn't overly metally or technical, just fast, hard and angry. They forgo the indulgent solos and the now dime-a-dozen growls. Instead, they stick to the raw passion that made hardcore exciting in the first place. The sons aren't complex, but they have a structure that holds them together and keeps them from falling into chaos. Chain Shot does have a tough time getting a groove going and that's the biggest thing that separates them from top tier old school hardcore like Madball. They end being fairly one-dimensional as a result, but that isn't exactly the cardinal sin of hardcore.

Unfortunately, the production on Black September leaves a lot to be desired. The minor success it has in getting a generally good hardcore guitar sound is more than canceled out by overbearing drums. It's never good to be bludgeoned by the snare (yeah, I did say the snare, not the kick drum or the toms).

All in all, Black September is a visceral album that is meant to be a release of anger and energy. It isn't meant to be over-analyzed. While it won't change the face of hardcore, it is a healthy escape from the riffs, growls and breakdowns that dominate the genre today. Using Thomas Tew's pirate flag for the cover doesn't hurt either. Arghhh!

Rating: 7/10


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