Friday, February 01, 2008

De Novo Dahl to appear on Sci-Fi and VH1

From the band's Myspace page:

De Novo Dahl will be featured in a commercial on the Sci Fi Channel starting TONIGHT (Feb 1st) promoting the new Friday night line up of shows like Stargate Atlantis and Flash Gordon. We're expecting a sharp increase of Star Trek fans at our upcoming shows...

The commercial will be featuring our song "Shout" from Move Every Muscle, Make Every Sound, our new album available March 25th!

Also, two De Novo Dahl songs will be featured in VH1's new show called Free Radio that airs on Feb 8th. Be sure to watch this show to hear more new music from Move Every Muscle, Make Every Sound. It might be your first chance to see our album art after the show!!! Don't worry if you miss the first airing, we're pretty sure they'll re-run it again between I Love New York 3 and Scott Baio is Pregnant.

Check it out!



Blogger Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

that's an insult to them to be casually mashed between such fucking tripe television

11:40 AM  

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