Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Eels invite President Bush to their DC show on March 29th

E (aka Mark Oliver Everett of the eels) sent this letter to the president:

Mr. President,

My name is Mark Oliver Everett. I am the singer in an American rock band called EELS You may recall using our album "Daisies of the Galaxy" as an example during your campaign for the presidency in 2000 The album was supposed to be a bad example for the kids of America. Something about inappropriate language and messages. You even had my lyrics on your website. lt was quite an ordeal I even wrote about it in my new book, Things The Grandchildren Should Know (coming out this fall in the U.S. - it's already a bestseller in England, where it just came out!)

Mr. President, I know that you're a Christian, and Christ taught forgiveness. So in the spirit of forgiveness and fence-mending, I'd like to let bygones be bygones and invite you and the First Lady to attend our Washington, DC concert, March 29th lt's right down the road from you at the Sixth & | Historic Synagogue. lt's a really cool place for concerts. lf you're more comfortable at a different house of worship, we're also doing concerts at churches in Philadelphia and New Haven the nights before and after the DC show. In the name of tolerance, we are trying to represent many faiths on this tour.

lf you come to the show, I would be happy to give you complimentary copies of our brand new best of and rarities CDs, "Meet The EELS" and "Useless Trinkets" (which feature some of the very tracks your campaign used as bad examples for our country's youth) that i will even be happy to autograph for you. These tracks can be loaded onto your Presidential iPod as well. lf you're busy, I understand, but I wanted to put it out there: Let's forgive and forget. lt's the only way to change the world.

Thank you for your time, Mr. President.




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