Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Review: Russians - s/t EP

Label: self-released

Released: October 2007

The Russians' founder Scott Janovitz is a veteran of the Boston music scene and recently lent his talents to Graham Parker as one of the Latest Clowns, so the well-crafted pop of their second EP should come as no surprise. They aren't shy about their love of the Beatles (even segueing each song into the next a la side two of Abbey Road), but they draw on a range from vaudeville and baroque pop to power pop to ambient. The best part is that they find their own voice in their hooks. They might draw a lot from some great bands, but in the end, it's their signature catchiness that makes this EP a great listen.

Satriani: 7/10
Zappa: 6/10
Dylan: 7/10
Aretha: 7/10
Overall: 7/10



If you're curious about my rating categories, read the description.

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