Tuesday, April 15, 2008

DOA announce 30th Anniversary Tour

In the past thirty years D.O.A. have released: 13 albums, 20 singles, EPs and 7"s, 10 videos and been apart of 14 compilations. D.O.A. have sold one million albums in their storied career. Band Leader Joe Shithead Keithley has gone on to start his own label Sudden Death records and with members of D.O.A started a side project called Band of Rebels. Keithley captured his musical history in his Canadian bestseller autobiography I, Shithead - A Life In Punk (Arsenal Pulp Press). In 2003, Vancouver Mayor Larry Campbell declared December 21st to be "D.O.A. Day" in honour of the band's 25th anniversary.

Keithley has teamed up with co-conspirators bassist Randy Rampage and drummer James Hayden to come up with a ton of great new songs for a new album to be released this summer. Bob Rock, who has produced albums for Metallica, Motley Crue, Cranberries, Bon Jovi, The Cult and others is producing the band's 13th full length album, Northern Avenger, in time for their 30th anniversary.

What did the godfather of punk rock have to say about working with Rock? "" Working with Bob Rock is fucking cool,” says Keithley. “D.O.A. and Bob go a long ways back to the early days of Vancouver's punk rock scene. If there ever was a guy who can record a heavy sound, it's Bob and D.O.A.'s a heavy band, so it bloody well makes sense!"

D.O.A. has always maintained an uncompromising anarchist populist political stance. The band is known for its outspoken political opinions and has a history of performing for many causes and benefits. Its slogan is "TALK-ACTION=0". The band has been active on many issues, including anti-racism, anti-globalization, freedom of speech and the environment.

Need I say more?

DOA 30th Anniversary Tour

B.C. Shows
April 18th The Lucky Bar, Victoria, BC w/Day Glo Abortions
April 19th The Waverly, Cumberland, BC

Ontario Shows
Tuesday May 6th, The Casbah, Hamilton, ON
DOA will record live at around 2 PM on XM satelliteWed. May 7th
Wed. May 7th, The Dungeon, Oshawa, ON
Thur. May 8th, Call The Office, London, ON
Friday May 9th, The Dominion, Ottawa, ON
Sat. May 10th, The Horseshoe, Toronto, ON
Sun. May 11th, Time To Laugh Comedy Club , Kingston, ON
Mon. May 12th, L3, St. Catherines, ON

Alberta Shows
Mon. June 9th Wild Bill's, Banff, AB
Tues. June 10th, The Doghouse, Medicine Hat, AB
Wed. June 11th, The Zoo, Innisfail AB
Thur. June 12th, The Warehouse, Calgary, AB
Fri. June 13th, The Starlite, Edmonton, AB
Sat. June 14th TBA in Alberta
Sun. June 15th TBA in Alberta
Wednesday Night Heroes will be support on all Alberta shows

More Canadian dates to be added in addition to U.S. dates fall 2008

Sudden Death Records

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Blogger taotechuck said...

Does this equation hold true?
Bob Rock - DOA = 0

3:52 PM  
Blogger Metal Mark said...

Is it just me or do these following parts not fit together.

"In 2003, Vancouver Mayor Larry Campbell declared December 21st to be "D.O.A. Day" in honour of the band's 25th anniversary"


"D.O.A. has always maintained an uncompromising anarchist populist political stance"

2:14 PM  

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