Monday, March 02, 2009

Review: U2 - J Adams Where Are You Now?

Label: PR (or that's what it looks like on the back)

Released: unknown

I picked this bootleg EP up on ebay and thought, "Who is J Adams? I wonder if it's the skater? Nah..." When the record came, I found the following dedication:
Dedicated to: Tony Alva, Shogo Kugo, Jimmy Plummer, Jim Muir & the "Z" boys."
So, what do these pioneers of vertical skateboarding have to do with U2? Beats me, but that makes it even cooler. It's an odd little rarity with a mystery to boot.

The skater connection isn't the only thing that's unique about this little 7". It contains the only public performance of "Womanfish," a song U2 was considering for Joshua Tree that never made it onto a studio record. This, along with "I Trip Thru Your Wires" (as it's titled on the back of the record) makes up the b-side that was recorded January 30, 1986 for the Ga-Ga television show in Ireland. The sound quality is decent, but the live energy is interrupted by bits of the show that sneak into the recording.

The a-side was recorded March 11, 1987 in Dublin and contains strong performance of "Exit" and "In God's Country." The sound quality is nothing to write home about, but is easily listenable and doesn't polish any of the liveness out of either song.

I doubt that J Adams Where Are You Now? is a top-notch U2 collectible. It's too short and the quality is mediocre by the standards of bootleg aficionados. However, it does contain a track not available on any commercial release and an interesting connection to skateboarding that I've yet to discover.

If you're curious about "Womanfish," you can hear it at the U2 Sound Library.

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Blogger Jeff said...

I'm happy to see you have comments back up again. I'm going to have to check out "Womanfish", I've never heard it before. Also, do you plan on reviewing No Line on the Horizon?

7:59 AM  
Blogger bob_vinyl said...

I pre-ordered "No Line on the Horizon," but it's not here yet. I did listen to the stream online and I liked it more than I liked the "Get on Your Boots" single. I'm not sure if I'll review it formally or not, but I may. It probably depends on how much time I have.

8:02 AM  
Blogger Jeff said...

At first I found it a little boring, but after a few more listens I was definitely starting to get into it. I'll probably be too lazy to actually write up a full fledged review, but I'll see how I'm feeling. I'm probably going to run over to Best Buy or something tomorrow to see if they have a copy on vinyl. I'll be crossing my fingers.

1:00 PM  

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