Wednesday, March 09, 2005


For anyone who hasn't checked it out, Rhapsody is well worth the $9.95 a month. They have over 50,000 albums from over 30,000 artists (with new stuff added almost daily) all at the beck and call of your internet connection. Their collection is eclectic, ranging from classical to salsa to jazz to rock to pop to punk to metal to showtunes to lo-fi to americana to techno get the picture. Of course, I've stumbled onto some rotten stuff, but at least it only cost me time. More often, I've found some really great stuff that I might never have found otherwise, like Fela Kuti or Charles Wright. There are a few problems. First, some albums are missing a track or two (for copyright reasons, I assume) and that can be annoying when you find something that is truly an album versus just a collection of songs. Second, the songs stream and you have to pay to download them (unless you can figure out how to record the stream which isn't hard, but is tedious). These are minor concerns considering how much musical adventure you get for under $10. The bottom line is it's a big world of music out there and Rhapsody is a great tool to explore it.


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