Friday, September 21, 2007

Review: Pocus Whiteface - But It's Home b/w This Room Spins

Label: self-released

Released: May 23, 2007

After releasing a free internet only EP earlier in the year (which you will get on the CD that accompanies this 7"), London trio, Pocus Whiteface returns with this two song 7". Both songs draw from loose garage rock and tight, angular post-punk. "But It's Home" is a bit catchier and more instantly likable. It starts thin and builds in density, ultimately coming across much like the Buzzcocks meet the Stooges. "This Room Spins" is similar but abandons much of the pop sense of its predecessor. Instead, it's angular and agitated, with a dragging rhythm that creates tension within the song itself. After a few listens, it clicks and is a much more enduring track than "But It's Home."

This EP has decent variety for only two songs and it shows Pocus Whiteface's ability vary their sound without losing their sense of who they are. If that isn't enough to interest you, the 7" comes in a beautiful heavy cardboard sleeve and is pressed on heavy (180 gram)* vinyl.

Rating: 7/10



* [This was an error on my part. Apparently 180 gram vinyl applies only to 12 inches and would be unbelievably thick as a 7". Still, the vinyl they used is very high quality, so while the comment was incorrect, you get the point.]

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The singer in the band (Theo) used to drum for my band COLOSSUS.

His vocal style reminds me of some great moments by that other post punk band SONIC YOUTH. You'd be a fool not to buy POCUS'S new release!!

Spider xx

P.S We are playing live with them this ~Wed and it's FREE to get in. For details go to

12:02 PM  
Blogger Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

Sheesh, Bob, get it right, willya?

6:26 PM  

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