Friday, November 16, 2007

Review: Hellcity 13 - s/t

Label: Break a Leg Entertainment

Released: October 24, 2007

Going into this review, I was under the impression that Helsinki's Hellcity 13 was just another Scandanavian glam band, but unlike the rest, they don't just want to revive hair metal, they want to revive the 80s almost as a whole. There is hard rock bombast that runs throughout the album, but I thought of Dead or Alive as often as I did Def Leppard. In many ways, they are able to bring AOR, glam, goth and synth pop together into one retro package. The trouble is that this combination, as seemlessly as they pull it off, is making music out of the least common denominator. Sure, they occasionally muster up a little bit of swagger and once in awhile they might even make you want to dance, but mostly they're just a reminder that rock and pop had hit a creative low point in the 80s.

They capture the musical aspects of the Reagan-era at all levels, from the writing to the performance to the production, and for those who aren't bothered by the decade's shallow veneer, Hellcity 13 are entirely competent to help them live in the past. For those who want anything more, move along. That's as much as this album offers.

Rating: 4/10



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Blogger Metal Mark said...

I made through just a few songs before giving up on it. I will listen to all soon though. The biggest problem I had with what I heard was it was just kind of there. Not badly put together, but it just failed to make much of any kind of impression on me.

11:07 AM  

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