Tuesday, November 27, 2007

RIP: Kevin DuBrow

I'm not good at writing these things, because I so hate the dishonesty of sentimentality that I end up giving dead people a hard time rather than a break. However, I did read two fitting tributes to the colorful Quiet Riot singer. Metal Mark's tribute takes an honest look at DuBrow's public self and Ray's is a little more personal. Both avoid being overly sentimental and dishonest and, in the end, do more justice to DuBrow's life than absurd "things won't be the same without you" statements.

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Blogger David Amulet said...

I agree that most posts about someone dying are sad--and not in the right way.

When someone dies, it's really about how it makes us feel and what it makes us think about. Few of us know these celebrities, so talking about their lives is kind of pathetic. I put up a few quick thoughts on what it made me think about, which is the best approach I could come up with.

-- david

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