Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Myspace: Leagues

Leagues is a two-man show featuring Prize Country's Aaron Blanchard on guitar and bass and Andrew Gormley on drums. Leagues takes a more fluid and layered approach than Prize Country, but are by no means lighter. They express an interest in scoring films and that seems like a logical goal as their music is made up of anything but encapsulated pop songs. These are textured mood pieces that run the gamut from quiet and introspective to loud and manic. If these tunes end up in a film, I'd love to see it, because it'd have to be a real freak out.


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Blogger taotechuck said...

I hope they keep working on this project because I think there's potential, but I find everything they've posted so far to be dull and predictable. It takes more than a minor key and some tritones to make music like this.

In a sense, their music reminds me of what John Murphy and GY!BE did on the soundtrack to 28 Days Later, but Leagues hasn't mastered the art of subtle nuances the way that Murphy has. Hopefully, if this type of music truly speaks to them, they'll continue walking down this path and see where it leads them.

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