Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Annabel - Summer of Fun Tour (July 23 - Aug 02)

* Tour of Southeast with Delay begins today
* In support of debut EP Now That We're Alive

Beginning today, Annabel (Kent, OH) is hitting the road for a little southern lovin' in support of its well-received debut EP Now That We're Alive. Playing an infectious brand of indie pop laced with feverish melodies, Annabel balances it all with post-punk dynamics that convey a heightened sense of urgency. The trio takes the best from several different genres, forging their own unique path as Now That We're Alive shines a bright light on the band's future.

Check out a free mp3s for the song "Boquet Mines."

You can also watch Annabel's Pink Couch Session where they perform a great acoustic version of "Parade Rest." The video comes courtesy of the always entertaining and endlessly explorable If You Make It.


JUL 23 - Durham, NC @ Bull City Headquarters w/ Delay, Friendly Fire, Resist Not
JUL 24 - Saint Augustine, FL @ Nobby's Sports Bar w/ Delay, The Winslows, Cough, Dark Castle
JUL 25 - Jacksonville, FL @ Shanty Town Pub w/ Delay, Monikers
JUL 26 - Orlando, FL @ The Black Box Collective w/ Delay, Monikers
JUL 27 - Naples, FL @ TBA w/ Delay
JUL 28 - Tampa, FL @ Skate Park of Tampa w/ The Tim Version, New Bruises, Inertia!, Crow's Path
JUL 29 - Gainesville, FL @ Wayward Council w/ Jammy Dodgers
JUL 30 - Tallahassee, FL @ Oafhouse
JUL 31 - Pensacola, FL @ Sluggo's w/ Delay
AUG 01 - Atlanta, GA @ 141 Moreland w/ Delay, Shang-A-Lang, Jonsin'
AUG 02 - Athens, GA @ The Hangar w/ Delay, Nana Grizol

A collection of infectious indie pop tunes with sharp melodies, released just in time to serve as the soundtrack for the spring and summer months. - Absolutepunk

Packing in driving, spiraling shoegaze guitars with the vocals hidden behind the ever so pleasant sounds they deliver. Highly recommended! - Collective Zine

Songs explode with lush layers of harmony vocals that take your breath away. This is a record you should own. - Jersey Beat

Annabel have the cojones to stand with some of the powerhouses in indie and post-rock. - Pastepunk

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