Saturday, July 19, 2008

One Small Step for Landmines release Good Men Die Young and I'm Not Feeling Well digital EP

One Small Step for Landmines Good Men Die Young And I'm Not Feeling Well - Digital EP Out Now
* Includes title track, Jim Ward cover, unreleased B-side

One Small Step For Landmines (Tallahassee, F.L.) has just released a digital EP for the single "Good Men Die Young And I'm Not Feeling Well." In total, the EP contains the title track, a cover version of "Good Men Die Young" by Jim Ward (Sparta / Sleepercar) and an unreleased B-side from the band's 2007 Self-titled full-length which features guest vocals from Look Mexico's Matt Agrella.

For pure downloading rapture, click here.

Additionally, you can check out a video of "Good Men Die Young" here. It was conceived and directed by Jerrod Landon Porter, who also also designed the art for the EP. There are plans for a seven-inch version of the EP later this year as well. It will feature a bonus fourth track - a cover of "Girlfriend In A Coma" by the Smiths.

In other news, front man Kevin Allen recently recorded a few new songs in Los Angeles with drummer Tony Hajjar (Sparta, At The Drive In) and Sol Snyder (Year of the Rabbit) on bass duty. More news on the future of those tracks soon...

One Small Step For Landmines' Self-titled debut full-length was released in September of 2007 by Doghouse imprint Civil Defense League. Angular-yet-driving rock built around unforgettable melodies, massively catchy songs and a propulsive rhythm section, this Florida three piece is dynamically compelling as they are unpredictable and explosive.

"Take Me, Seriously" mp3

- One Small Step For Landmines have done something very, very right with their debut. - For The Sound

- A prime example of how to promote joy and quality in pop music, two essential qualities all too often forgotten. - New-Noise

- Landmines churns out fun, straight ahead rock, but there is a deeper significance to their work that makes this so compelling. - Jersey Beat

- An astonishingly energetic and fresh piece of work that makes the overwrought whining of the haircut bands look irrelevant and tired. - Subba-Cultcha

- Boasting pleasantly unexpected complexities - off-kilter drumbeats, bittersweet melodies and a certain battered charm - watch out for this trio. - Rock Sound

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