Friday, July 25, 2008

They And The Children - Tour / Full Album Stream

They and the Children - East Coast Tour (July 25 - Aug 03)
* In support of debut full-length Home
* Stream the entire album at

Middletown, Connecticut's They and the Children is leaving today for a short tour of the East Coast in support of their debut full-length Home.

The record - which is available in both CD and vinyl formats - was released by Kill Normal on July 1st, 2008. You can pick up a copy from the band on tour or from the label here.

Expanding on TATC's brand of crushing, epic hardcore laid out on their 2005 EP, Thoughts On Becoming a Ghost (Tor Johnson Records), Home is even more bombastic and vibrantly dynamic, alternating between thrash-inspired riffage, slowly-churning, ominous grooves and soaring, melodic interludes. The album is a testament to the band's commitment to the DIY community, as well as a call for solidarity between those of us who realize that society is becoming so commercialized that it can barely be considered a "culture" any more.

Head on over to and stream the album in its entirety. You can also grab two free mp3s for the songs "Mechanical" and "Invisible."

JUL 25 - Wilmington, DE @ 700 Club w/ Dead Uncles
JUL 26 - Richmond, VA @ Rumors w/ Dead Uncles

JUL 27 - Pittsburgh, PA @ Mr. Roboto Project w/ Dead Uncles
JUL 29 - Brooklyn, NY @ The Wreck Room w/ Dead Uncles
JUL 30 - Burlington, VT @ Metronome w/ Dead Uncles
JUL 31 - Peterborough, NH @ Peterborough Public Library w/ Dead Uncles

AUG 01 - Boston, MA @ Wadzilla Mansion w/ Dead Uncles
AUG 02 - Providence, RI @ TBA w/ Dead Uncles
AUG 03 - New Haven, CT @ Summerfest

TATC play blazing, fuming anthems, but they also slow the tempo at times, creating labyrinthine efforts that simply are awe-inspiring. - Jersey Beat

TATC have found a point where hardcore, drone and psychedelia meet and the confluence of the three is akin to rocket fuel. -

Home is an epic, sludgy, bubbling blend of crescendo-crammed creation. - Punktastic

Home is a lush and beautiful album with a rough edge. - Late Night Wallflower

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