Thursday, June 25, 2009

Forgotten: Sunday Cannons - Red to the Rind

Back in 1988, I caught an Amnesty International benefit show at the Towson Armory in Towson, MD. Having seen locals Black Friday a few months before, I was anxious to catch them again along with Pearl Fishers, Sunday Cannons and the Unknown. While the latter was fairly rotten (one of the few bands whose set I walked away from), the other three were all very good. Sunday Cannons were so good, in fact, that I bought Red to the Rind the following week.

I pulled the album off the shelf a few weeks back and found that this punk/alt/psych material still appealed to me 20 years later, perhaps even more than it did at the time. It's true that there were plenty of bands in this vein in the late 80s underground, but Sunday Cannons are a fine example of that time and place. Perhaps some of the appeal for me today is nostalgia, but there's more to it. It's not just about a sound, but a vibe that still finds it's way into good music today.

Thanks to Mike Lane (now of The Lanes) for permission to make the album available for download.

Sunday Cannons - Red to the Rind

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Blogger Mike said...

Glad to see you've posted this. I just got a new scanner and will be creating a myspace page for the band: photos and tunes! I'll keep you updated.

12:38 PM  
Anonymous Scott said...

I'm the guy that put that Amnesty show together. I found the Sunday Cannons after hearing them interviewed on local talk radio when I was putting the show together. The PearlFishers got stuck on the bill at the very last minute at Jonny's instance (from the Unknown). Black Friday were pissed that they got bumped to the opening slot and griped about it on their newsletter. I remember the show that they had played with Government Issue and MFD and that they played their songs at double pace to a crowd that wasn't really feeling it. I recall they had a few albums back in the day but they seem to be hopelessly obscure now.

Anyone remember Juice?

9:28 AM  

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