Thursday, June 05, 2008

Found in the Shuffle: The Kinks - "A Gallon of Gas"

Song: A Gallon of Gas
Artist: The Kinks
Album: Come Dancing with The Kinks: the Best of 1977-1986

If this is one of the best songs The Kinks recorded between '77 and '86, I'd hate to hear the stuff that didn't make the cut.



Blogger Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

"Come Dancing" was simply a travesty. I can hardly stomach it, especially after spinning Well-Respected Kinks. Kinda like Rockin' Kiss then Disco Kiss... WTF?

11:59 PM  
Blogger bob_vinyl said...

The Kinks weren't 100% consistent over their long career and "Come Dancing" certainly isn't "Dedicated Follower of Fashion" or "All Day and All of the Night," but it's a solid and memorable pop song that isn't just stuck in its time. It sets a mood and tells a story that is easy to be sucked into. It certainly wasn't just jumping on the latest trend like Kiss did with "I Was Made For Loving You." I completely disagree with you Ray.

12:08 AM  
Blogger taotechuck said...

I remember liking the song "Come Dancing," but I haven't heard it in years. I just played it, and it still holds up. It's a good story song, and the music is surprisingly ambitious -- there are hints of calypso and traditional ska, filtered through some of the stuff that British bands like The Clash were doing a few years before this song came out. The whole thing is wrapped up as a nice little pop nugget, though, so you don't have to think too hard when you listen to it.

The rest of this hits package is pretty rotten, though. "Father Christmas," of course, being the exception.

11:22 AM  

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