Friday, June 06, 2008

Ride the boogie - "Mustache Riders" mp3

Featuring Adam Tymn of VAUX and members of Arkham and Places To Park, Ride The Boogie is set to release their self-titled LP on Tuesday, June 17, 2008. Tymn took the time to give some insight on the track "Mustache Riders" and the struggles of being both an artist and a parent.

"The song is about two guys, infamously known as the Mustache Riders, that go out on dirtbikes to camp in the desert and someway or another happen to run into these laser hot chicks," explains Tymn of the above track. "One thing leads to the next and the ladies go on a nice mustache ride. The song ends leaving one wondering if these guys just had too much of something bad or that they actually had the most incredible night of their lives."

Tymn also explains how the track was originally a faster number that had more of a hard rock feel to it. “Actually, I first demoed the song on the John Lennon Bus for free thanks to those guys,” says Tymn. "Glenn worked with the beat and now it has a particular shuffle and groove to it that the song needed. Kevin’s slide stuff definitely sleazes the song up nicely along with Billy’s cool guitar work throughout the song especially in the pre-choruses."

Although the verses were easy to pen, the chorus was a bit of a struggle. "I was trying hard to think of a way to make the chorus be that of a heroic cartoon theme. You know, big but simple with a catchy little melody," says Tymn, pointing out that vibe is more noticeable towards the end of the song.

Ironically the cartoon theme is the non-perverse interpretation of the story, that motorcycles were the only things being ridden. "It is hard being an artist and a parent at the same time," admits Tymn. "You have to be able to keep things over your children’s heads but still allow the older folks to dig it. I remember when we were recording this song and how everything that was being tracked was becoming very sleazy sounding."

"Mustache Riders" MP3

If you ask me, it doesn't sound like the best lyrical concept ever, but luckily, the music can make you forget the concept.


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